Hello and thank you for visiting my personal page.


My name is Christine Grascia. I was born and raised in Boston by my incredibly traditional Italian parents, and I have been living here since.


You are probably wondering what is deal with the background photos I have on my site. These happen to be some of the places that I’ve visited all over the world. I love to travel, and I especially love learning about other cultures, languages and cuisines. If you’re curious as to where the places from these photos are, scroll down this page.


I have been interested in tech and computers as far as I can remember. I grew surrounded with old computers and computer parts in my home I grew up in because my father was a software engineer. So naturally I followed in his footsteps. While I do love to code, my true passion is on a more higher level and seeing the many pieces of a tech idea come together and develop into solid company. I am very much involved in the tech and startup industry and love to attend related events. The industries I am particularly interested in are Real Estate, Fashion, Big Data, and Analytics.


When I am not busy coding up a storm or hosting a startup event, I am often in the kitchen experimenting with food. I love to cook and I especially love to bake. I pretty much own every single useful (and sometimes useless) kitchen gadget out there. If you ask me to bake you something, I would be very happy to do so 🙂


Additionally, I’m a very crafty person. My hobbies include jewelry and candle making, and very unique gift wrapping techniques especially around the holidays!


For fun, I also love to blog. I currently have two blogs: a food blog and a fashion & home decor blog.